Grade 5


My Home

My home

Home is a place that can be peaceful and quiet, but at times it can be the opposite of silent.

My home is the place for me, it is where I stay, and where I always want to be.

My home is where I try to keep my sanity, but sometimes it gets hard, oh the humanity!

Home is a great place, it is where a lot of your life takes place.

Home isn’t just a roof over my head, it is where my mother tucks me in for bed.

My home is very fun, it also protects me from the hot sun, in summer.

Home is an important place for me, because in my mind, it’s what I can always see.

Whenever I’m feeling down, I can go to my home, and my whole day turns around.

My home is where I put my hat to stay, so I can wake up happy, every day.

Home is where I come to relax, I love my home, and that is a fact.