Grade 5


My Home

What is in my house?

In my house I have a living room where we spend family time.
We have couches where we spend time cuddling
while reading and watching movies.
In my house I have a cozy bed in my bedroom where I sleep.
In my house we have a kitchen where we have good eats
and sweet treats.

What is in my home?

In my home there is me, my sister and my mom.
In my home there is love even on the darkest days.
There is fun and laughter when we have dance parties.
In my home my sister and I sometimes fight but we
always say sorry.
In my home I can always talk to my mom about
anything if I want or need.
In my home we are kind to one another and give lots of hugs.

What’s it like in my home?

My home is my protective place where I feel at peace.
In my home it is sometimes quiet when we are doing puzzles.
In my home it is sometimes loud if my sister and I argue.
In my home my sister, my mom and I read a lot.
In my home my mom and I bake lots. Baking is one of my favorite things to do.
In my home we sometimes watch movies on Disney plus. My favorite action movie on Disney plus is Avengers Age of Ultron.
In my home we do. I’m sorry if we do something wrong and we love one another no matter what.