Grade 6

Nova Scotia

My Home

I’m a very lucky person to have a home,
unlike some who spend time all alone.
My home is the place where I grew up,
the first time I crawled, the first Stand-up.
Me and my brothers having fun all day,
tag, hide N’ seek, games in all different ways.

With friends and family all around,
I will not fall, instead keep my ground.

Not everyone comes from the exact same race,
rich or poor we all have problems to face.

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornados, and Cyclones,
scaring the homeless and shaking their bones.

With no place to stay on a stormy night,
they will have nothing but the storm to fight.

Giving a home no matter the size,
to see the reflection of tears in their eyes.

We are blessed to have charities helping people in need,
because helping people is such a good deed.

This is the meaning of home to me,
I hope to change a life, you see.