Grade 6


My Home

My home is not just four walls and a roof, but where memories are made. To me, my home means where I can be myself and spend time with my family. I laugh and play, enjoying all the moments my family and I spend together. My home is built on all the love and kindness inside.
I am fortunate enough to have a place where I can spend time with my family because some people are less fortunate and have no place to stay. I feel bad for anyone who can’t experience a home for themselves and their family. I think everyone deserves a place to stay, to feel warm, and to spend time together with their family.
My home is where I spend time if ever I am lonely or worried. I can always count on my family being there to support me. My home is where I study for a test, and where I relax after a long day of school. I am never bored in my home because there is always something fun for me to do.

That is what home means to me.