Grade 6


My Home

My Home

My home is the shield that protects my family and me
strong and impenetrable
In the frigid nights, in difficult times
All troubles go away in bubbles
our support for each other never falls short
in my warm cozy bed where my head lies
I can sleep tight and sweetly dream of flying to the skies

Home is where peace stays
calmness and joyfulness fills the air
through the front door, beyond the back door
Around and everywhere
memories are made
Hopes and smiles, dreams and tears,
songs and games are played

Home is where love is, tender and affectionate like a dove
as it soars through the blue sky spreading love
Unique and special to me,
my loved ones deep inside my heart
My peaceful and loving home
is the place that fosters my pride
the person that I am meant to be.