Grade 6

British Columbia

My Home

My way of explaining what home means to me is more than you could imagine.
During the pandemic I wasn’t in school, it felt different. It didn’t feel normal for me. But staying at home for (time) made me realise that there’s more to my home than just a place where I eat, sleep, shower and study. It’s a place where you’re free. You’re free from all the struggles out of the house. It’s where your true emotion inside comes out. Or when you feel happy or sad you can have the comfort of family there. The past summer I got closer to my siblings than I ever had before. It felt better than ever to be completely honest. Being at home makes me feel safe. Don’t you love the feeling when it’s a cold day outside and you get to come inside to a warm fire and watch a movie and laugh with family? Because I sure do. I spent so much time with my family in summer it felt nice to be able to let them know who I am inside and out. I feel like I am free to do what I want to do at home. And I hope home feels the same for you. Thank you for listening to my journey of what home means to me.