Grade 5

British Columbia

My Home


I see my walls that are bright beige
Where I eat my morning banana
I thank God for the food and for my home

I wash my hand in a pure white sink that shoots out white water that will clean me
My guinea pigs wheek when I walk through the door (probably because they want food)
But I think of them when I think of my house

My house was already built when I moved in, but I enjoy it and appreciate my house as if it were made just for me

I think of my house as a lion that protects me or a chameleon that hides me from danger

My room has a large window so I can see many happy faces smiling at me
An orange bed, a table of lego, and a closet full of books

I am outside looking at my house
I have a lime green door
And a table for tea
And a lush green tree waiting for me
My home is where I roam.
My home.