Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador

My home

When I think of home I think of laughter, cuddles, love and many other things. Whenever it is or where ever it is my family is always there to comfort, encourage or care for each other. We are always willing to share with each other know matter what! My dogs are one of the most irreplaceable things I own. When i’m having a bad day somehow they know and then they start kissing me!

Each time i bring a friend home my family always greets them with a warm “hello”. Whenever I go over to my friends house I am always welcomed with a “hi”, “hello” or “welcome”. Every time one of my friends come over I always want to show them all my instruments and how they work. In band I play alto saxophone, I always want to show them my talent. I also play ukulele and guitar.

To me a home is not just a building or a structure, it’s where you are loved, cared, warm and happy. It doesn’t matter if you live in a house, building or apartment you always have a place to call home. Most people don’t live alone, they usually have a parent or friend living with them. They will always be with you through the toughest times no matter what.
That’s my home!