Grade 5


My Home

Having a home to me means that you can feel loved with family or friends. You can go home and feel the weight off your shoulders, for you are at a safe place. You can have a home that is built with love. You can have a home that you can fix up to be a home.

If you have to move, it’ll be sad because you have made an imprint in that home. Everywhere you touch leaves a mark – where you eat, where you sleep. You make imprints on its heart. Your home has its own memories of you being there filled with joy, sadness, anger, and fear. No one will love that home like you did.

Your home is like another person living with you. It’s kind of like a guardian angel – it protects you and stays there when you need it. It loves you like one of your family members and it will always be a part of it. It will love you like no one else will in a special way.