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My Home

My Home

My home is where
I learned how to
walk and talk
It is where I fall and
get picked back up

My home is where I can live
in peace and not get teased
My home is where my parents
and brother motivate me

On the weekends my family and I
watch tv while sitting on the couch
We love to vouch for the
shows we want to watch

My home is very warm and cozy
it isn’t very big but it
keeps me safe during
the stormy nights
and on the snowy days

My home is where
I can be in harmony
and relaxation
and I don’t have to
worry about starvation

Sometimes I hear my
pet parakeets
tweet while
they eat bird
seeds or little treats

When everything feels
My home is
where I can heal

Everytime I enter my home
my mother and father give

an extraordinary embrace whenever
my parents do that it makes
me feel safe and it puts a big
smile on my face

When i’m in my
bedroom there’s no such thing as doom
I may shed
some tears when I’m in
fear but after
I am comforted by
my family I would probably cheer!

I am truly blessed to have one
of the best homes
My home is my shelter the place
I live in and one of my protectors
I shall always be one of
it’s faithful respecters!