Grade 4



My Home

My home is filled with many things, people and memories.

My pet dog is the best. Her name is Daisy. She keeps me warm and my cat Milky sleeps. They are company when my family needs it and they help me when I’m sad. They keep my family safe and that is what is so special. In my home I do lots of fun things. My home that makes me happy help out so l can see her smile. It makes me feel warm and plays a game my mom loves to play a game. Everyday In my family we play Uno and monopoly. Those are just some of the things that make my house a home I have. Many feelings in my home . I feel happy because I help out. I have many emotions in my in home… do you?

Home is a special word it has a different meaning for everybody. What does it mean to you? I hope you have a great home like me!