Grade 6

British Columbia

My Home

Home is a place of comfort for many. It shelters
us with wonderful warmth and lovable love. The
place that is your home is hopefully sheltering
you, your family, maybe some pets and that’s
usually it. Your home shouldn’t be sheltering
someone without you knowing about it, and it’s
at this point I realize that I’ve read far too many
horror stories recently. A home is a place that
you should find comfort in. It should be a place
that you feel comfortable in. It protects you
from harsh weather conditions with a roof over
your head, it has room for you to live in (most of
the time). Now I’ll tell you a bit about my home.
My home has lots of warmth, with at least 1
heater in every room, each going up to about 25
degrees, meaning that it gets pretty hot when
we turn on the heat. My house has a large
backyard where me and my family will
occasionally play bocce. Our living room is
decently sized, and it’s connected to our dining
room, living room and kitchen. Then there’s the
front hallway leading to the front door. Near the
fabulous front door is a cramped closet with a
small hatch leading to a crawlspace as short as
an ant! Upstairs is my dads’ room, as colourful
as a butterfly because of the lights he has that
change colour. There’s a bathroom (with a
heater of course), there’s my room where I have
my computer, bed, etc. There’s a laundry room
(loud washing machine included) and the
miraculous master bedroom that my aunt and
uncle share. There’s not much in my home, but
there’s enough for me.