Grade 5

Gilbert Plains

My Home

My family is loving and caring but sometimes crazy not every family is perfect so mine should not be either. I love my family. They always get me what I want. My family is the best.

I love my friends. I have two best friends. One of them is a girl named Tiana and the other one is a boy named Kaleb. I love hanging out with them at my house, but this year is different. I do not get to hang out with them as much. Now that Covid started it has been tuff only talking to them at school and at my house. If school got cancelled it would be hard to make it.

My house is cozy because I have my family in it. I also have my bed. I also have air conditioning, so I feel bad for all the people who do not have money for it, so I feel bad for them.

My house is in the country, so I have lots of room to play with me and with my family and I can also go on my dirt bike and have a lot of fun with my family and with my dog.