Grade 6


My Home

One morning when I was sick, I asked my sister if she wanted a new house, and she said “no I want a new home” I said “well what’s the difference?” She said “I have to go, the bus is here”, and since I was sick, I was not going to school I waited hours. It felt like days before my sister came back from school. When she did, I asked so… What is the difference!!?? She said, “ohh a house is a structure where you might live alone, but a home could be a street, having very little to eat, where your parents wrap their arms around you, and said: “no matter what you do, we will always love you,
And when ever we’re apart we’ll still have each other at heart. After my sister said that, I realized the difference. It was greater than I thought; I will always remember what my sister said to me that day.