Grade 4


My Home

My home is filled with many things, family and memories.

My tablet is my special thing because I had it for a while and it’s the only electronic I have. There’s lots of people in my home: Darek, Alex, Naomi, SJ, Carter, my dad my grandma, and my cousin. They make me happy and loved. I love Alexis’ bed because it’s big. It’s fluffy and warm. That’s what I I love in my home.

I do lots of fun things in my home that makes me happy. I like to play games on my tablet and text Natalia . I also relax and watch movies with my dad. He likes scary movies like the nun. My grandma likes to clean and I like to help but I don’t like to clean so I like to make it fun and fast. We dance and set a timer to 20 minutes or half an hour. Those are just some of the things I do. That makes my house a home.

I have feelings in my home. Some times my brothers get mad at the xboxes sometimes scared because my dad likes to watch scary movies, but the best feeling is being loved. Those are a few feelings in my house.

Home is a special word that has a different meaning for every buddy. What does home mean to you? I hope every buddy has a home in the hole world