Grade 6


My Home

My home is a place where I can sleep all day, a place where I eat all I want. Home is where I can bug my sister all day, without being judged, or told to stop. Home is where I can jump into our lake to take a break. My home is where you can watch the sun rise, as well as watch it set. My home is where I go wild and jump for a while. Where you can play games all day and hide in your room, without being told to stop unless it’s time for bed. Where you can eat my homemade mashed potatoes all you want on the wooden table. Where you chase the chickens going “Cluck, cluck!” Where I can play loud music all day and dance all night long. Home is where you rest, where you’re not your best. At home you play in the long field of grass. Where you can make new friends each day! At home you talk all day long. Home is where you meet your parents for the very first time, where you open your eyes and walk. Where you hug your parents, talk with them, laugh with them and love them. My home is where I belong. Home is home and that will never change!