Grade 4


My Home

My Home

My home is Cozy and I have lots of memories There. The beds are so comfy and cats around are the only things that light up the house are memories and Cats and Families too. There are a lot of memories, good more and bad less. Our food is yummy and more food and less hunger. I have lots of fun! I live with my mom and sister and two cats as little family pets!.

How I Feel About My Home

I feel calm and cozy and I love my home and have lots of fun! There are four or five emotions and my home is awesome! I have lots of emotions in my house. The more I grow the more emotional I’m about my house.

Home is a great, safe place to be At and is a special word. It’s a really safe place if you lock your door. What does home mean to you, what it means to you and what does it do? I hope you have a safe place to be at!

By Tia
Feb. 2021
Norquay School