Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

My Home

In the summer my home is my pool, with my family listening to music and chilling, having a great time. My favourite thing to do in my home is to swim then when I get out of the pool, that smell of the fresh summer air and the hot sun beating down on me is just the best feeling! Then with the smell of the chlorine water just makes it all complete. And the best thing is, when I get out of the pool, there is always fruits, and salads, or hotdogs and hamburgers. The smell of the fresh foods are amazing, it just completes my heart.
In my home there are always people coming and going…well not all the time though. It’s very fun to have people come and experience what I get to experience every day! It can be very peaceful but it can also be very loud and chaotic. When it’s peaceful I can think. When it’s loud and chaotic I’m having so much fun I don’t need to think. But we always make memories and that’s what counts!
In my home I feel special. I feel safe and loved, and it feels like I “belong” in my home. I feel included and I feel happy. I can express myself, and my family is always there for me.
My home won’t be as much as a “Home” this year, since my dog won’t be here since she passed away. She always came onto the deck with us and spent time with us. She made everything more fun and joyful! I guess I will just have to get used to the “my new” home in the summer.

Although I can only go to my home in the summer, in the winter I like to hang out around the deck in the snow! My home in the winter is snuggling up on the couch watching a show while eating lunch with my family.