Grade 6


My Home

My home

Home is where the heart is
Its where memories were made
It’s here that generations come together
Like a how in the spring you can go
Garden along with family

To winter where you cozy up by the fireplace
When christmas is around the corner
You gather around with friends and family
I love making homemade cookies with my family
I love my bed that I sleep in

In all these walls there are many memories
When ones that are old and others are new
With pictures of family along with pictures
Of friends
It’s where everyone comes together

The meaning of home is a place to love
It’s a place to be and its
A place where your happy it’s where your can be you
A home is not just a building ,it’s more
Than just that,it’s a house full memories,
It’s a place to go when your tired
it’s a place a place to rest,
it’s a place a where you see your family

And most of all
Its where the your love can grow
It may go slow
But it’s where your love will stay
For as long as forever stays
And for as long as time flows
And lastly a home
Is more than a home
It’s a special place
Where I can be me