Grade 6


My Home

What home means to me
To me home is a safe place, where I can do anything I want to, play games, play with friends, do work, read, write, whatever I want to do, with some restrictions, so I don’t accidentally do something bad.
To me, home is shelter, a place where I can stay, all night and all day, so can my family, and so can my pets, my friends, and so on and so forth, my home is the place where I truly belong.
My room is what represents me, messy and unorganized, but it’s my room, in my home, and my home is where I belong, and that is what my home means to me.
Home is where people care for me, and I care for them. If someone needs help, I help (most) times when someone is in need of help.
I belong in my home, and so do other people.