Grade 6

Cote St. Luc

My Home

My Home

Where do I begin?

Home is a place where family is located.
A place to hide the rain, a place to give you shade.

A place where your mom ties your hair into a soothing silky braid.
Any place in the world, anyplace at all.
Homes come in all shapes and sizes, big or small.

Homes are a storage for all your love, friendship, and happiness.

Home could be a house, or place to meet Minnie Mouse.
A place that protects you from all rain clouds even a place that has huge crowds.

Homes a place to be loved, a place that’s beloved

Your home could be different,
maybe not like mine, but a home always has two things,
a family, to anyone and love.
It should be a place that is at peace, like Noah, and the dove.

When you’re feeling down and your resistance is low, don’t ever forget that you can always go home.