Grade 6

Nova Scotia

My Home

To me home is safe it is always happy
I have food and clean drinking water to keep me safe
I never have to worry about starving and I have my whole family to love me
My dad mom brother nanny grandad and my uncle and aunt’s
I have pets to my horse hank my rabbit Chloe and my chickens
When I am home I am cared for if I am hurt or if I just need somebody
I have clothing so I can keep warm and not freeze
I know if I ever need something important my family will help make it work
my brother and me always play together and he makes me laugh a lot to
And it makes me feel really good on the inside
and if I want someone to keep me company I always go to my horse or rabbit
I love spending time with both of them
When I feel sad my family is always there to talk to me and make me happy
and if I am sad I am not sad for very long at all
I love being outside me and my brother make forts there and drive the four- wheeler through the woods
and my dad and mom come along sometimes to
when I am with my horse I like to go on a ride with him to and me and him both enjoy that a lot
home to me is all of these wonderful things