Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

My Home

My home is not just my house. My home is where my friends are. It’s a place where I know I’m loved. A where I’m accepted. A place where I learn and grow. A place where I’m free to be me and show my interests. Even though I don’t always do so. My home is a place where I know I’m not alone.
At my home, there is always someone there to talk to me when I need to talk to someone. When I’m at home, I truly feel like I belong there. I used to feel like I was so different. Like I was the odd one. But at my home, there are many different people! And I fit in just fine.
My home has this very unique feeling to it. I feel very special there. I know people actually want to spend time with me there. I get to experience cool feelings like, people think my jokes are funny, or, people talk to me because they like to, not just because I’m there.
I know a lot of people’s houses are their homes. I too have a house and consider it ONE of my homes. But I chose to write about my school as my home. My school really feels like a second home. My classroom is always such a happy environment and my teacher and classmates feel second family. I love going to school, not so much for learning purposes, but because I’m there with my friends and I always have so much to tell my family when I get home!