Grade 5


My Home

My home is where I’m happy. My home makes me feel safe. When I walk into my house i know everything is okay. In my home it’s nice and warm when i’m snuggled on the couch. Home is a special place for everyone in every place. Home is where me and my brother share a special bond. The light shines bright when I walk through the door. It’s the place where I have hope and joy most of all. Home is where I like to be as a big happy family.

Home is where I like to play board games everyday. Usually my home is loving and kind. When it is family movie night we laugh and cry. When I’m sad my family is always there for me. When I leave the light turns off but when I come back it shines bright again. When I open my fridge door the delicious smells hit me. When I fall down I know that there is always someone there to pick me up.

Even when it’s dark there is always light that shines through it. Every picture tells a story you just have to find it. Every home tells a story. In your home you’re always safe.