Grade 4


My Home

My Home Alyssa Smith

This home is a safe place for this family. We feel safe in this place. It is the place for us, it is great. We are the happiest family. We make so many memories and we make so many crafts. We are the happiest and luckiest family. We are so happy that this is the place for us.

We are having so many memories that we have so many laughs, too. We think that this is the place for this family. We feel safe and protected in this house. We love this house. It is the BEST place we could ever have in the whole world. We feel safe and warm.

I play video games with my brother and sometimes I play with my sister, but only when we’re not fighting. I love to organize the house with my mom. Dad works out of town but when he comes home it is to our safe, warm house. As a family on Friday nights we play board games.

We have a happy home and everyone else should have one too. This home means so much to me and my family. Home means that we can be safe and funny too. It means that we can make some memories. We can make funny stories and and be together.