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My Home

My Home

My home is a safe place to stay,

Where my family loves me in every way possible.

My home is my favorite place,

Where I feel like I belong and can’t be replaced.

I am grateful for my home,

Where I am loved.

When I think of home,

I think of the place where I took my first step.

A home where I have grown,

Where I have become the person, I am today.

A home isn’t like an ordinary house,

Its where I feel safe.

When I walk outside with my dog,

I see homeless people on the streets begging for food and money.

Staying outside in the heat and cold,

Sleeping on the road.

A home is somewhere to stay,

Somewhere u feel safe.

When I think of home,

I think of not being alone.

A place where I have my family,

And my own space,

My home is a very special place to me,

Where I can rely on my family.

We should all make changes,

To help make a home for people in need.

Because everyone deserves a home,

No matter what color or race you are.