Grade 6

New Brunswick

my home

I am from a tall house. From plates and cups. I am the paint on my walls.(musty,dusty,with balls of fur). I am from sunflower, the brightest of them all.I’m from baking and blue eyed from sisters and misters from dogs and cats .I’m from blond haired and tears from Christians and believers.I’m from Fredericton where I have lived all my life in the same house for all these years, I am lucky to have my family and a house to live in where I can sleep and eat every day.I’m from sloppy joes to white chocolate from the rake in my back yard to the chains in my basketball hoop. To the top of coat matter what house we live in we will always have our family and you cannot put a price on that. But I am just glad to have a house to live in and I feel bad for the people that do not. I wish every single person on earth could have a home and be as lucky as I am today.