Grade 5


My home

My home is where I live and it is important that everyone has one. It is important because people need a place to live. I just wish that every person gets a home, so that there is no one in the streets, who are hungry. My home is important to me because we eat yummy foods there, and I just wish every person could have a place to have yummy food too. In my home, we sleep and our sleep is peaceful, comfortable and warm. Everyone should have a place to sleep that is peaceful, comfortable, and warm. We also play there and we are happy. Every single person should be happy. In my home we play games, we play sports, we read cool books, we make crafts and sometimes we look at youtube. One time, me and my twin sister were making a house and we were seeing whose was better. Unfortunately, my sister’s was better. It was fun building the homes and it made me think of the homeless people who don’t have their own. I wish we could make homelessness go away. My home is the best place to be and my home keeps me happy. My home is the best place I can go to and all I want, is for someone to have that too.