Grade 4

British Columbia

My Home

My home is a place where I feel safe. I feel safe because I’m with my family. Me and my family like to make colourful cakes on birthdays. It is fun and I feel good about it. In our home it’s so wonderfully warm, as warm as the sun. My family likes to watch movies together because it is fun. It is as fun as a superhero. We also have our beautiful bedrooms that we sleep in and keep us warm. We also like to have fabulous fashion shows. We like to dress up like characters from Harry Potter. I feel happy when I’m dressing up because it’s fun to be like characters and have fun with my family. We also like to play board games like Mouse Trap, Uno, Jenga and Disney World. I am so greatful to have a family that loves me and a home that keeps me warm. My home is as wonderful as an ocean!