Grade 6

Cote St. Luc

My home

My home

What does home mean to me?
Home to me is a comfort zone.
A place where you made your memories
It’s a place where you did your fist moves.

The second you step into your home you feel warmth and comfort.
When you step foot out of your home there’s feelings that left you.
You lost that warmth and comfort.
Home makes me happy with the people in it.

A place where you feel safe and loved by your loved ones.
You have memorable moments eating for holidays and events at home.
You feel safe because you have your amazing family surrounding you.
At home you have an opportunity to play, laugh and have fun.

A place where you feel like you’re not judged for what you do.
You are free to do what you feel.
You sleep and do most of your things at home.

A home can be anywhere.
It can be in a farm.
At least you’re with your fam.
It can be hidden.

It’s not just a structure with four walls around you.
It’s something built to represent you.
It’s a home designed in your unique way.

It’s also where you hang with your friends.
Mostly your close ones.

Everyone has a home in their unique way.
It’s your home not anyone else’s.
You treasure every moment you’re at home.