Grade 6

Cote St. Luc

My Home

My Home

Home Isn’t just a house with four walls and a ceiling.
It’s more than just that, it’s a feeling.
A feeling that is great at the worst of times.
A place where my mom sang me nursery rhymes.

Home is where the heart is.
Home is where my family lives.
Home is where I feel happy and safe.
Home is my comfort place.

It’s where my family comforts me when I’m sad.
My mom, my sisters and my dad.
It’s where I did my homework and spent hours studying.
While I also spent hours crying.
But it was all worth it.
Even though it hurt a bit.

It’ll always be my happy place.
It’ll always be my very own space.
Home is where the memories are made.
Home is where my family plays.

Everyone’s home is different.
But I like my home the way it is, it is magnificent.