Grade 4

British Columbia

My home

My Home

To me, home is a place of safety.comfort and family.
I am lucky to even have a home with a family that loves me
unconditionally, their kindness almost always shows on their face
and it lights up the room even when there are no walls. Whenever
I see my family it fills me up with happiness because when I see
them because it fills me up with warmth and good vibes.

The comfort I have I’m so grateful for because I have warm
blankets that keep me warm when it’s freezing outside. I am lucky
to have a soft warm bed that gives me relaxation. My family are
the ones that are letting me live in the house I’ve always lived in,
and I can not explain the comfort that gives me.

No matter what I know I will always have safety from the ones
that love me. I know that my parents will almost always try their
best to protect me, I’m pretty sure they would protect me with
their lives. I definitely feel safer with locked doors because it
makes me feel like no one can break in even though the house has
glass doors.with my animals to protect me I feel as if no one can
hurt me because if they do my dogs probably bite them.

It might not be the same as you but, this is what I think and feel
when I hear the word home Family kind, loving, happiness. Comfort
warm blankets,a soft bed, a place I recognize. Safety, adults I
trust, locked doors, my animals. This is my home I’m talking about
and I love all of it.