Grade 5


My Home

I hear a peaceful noise of soft music.
I smell a creamy vanilla scent that my Mom turns on sometimes.
When I touch my house it feels like I’m getting a big hug.
I see a light reflecting off of our big window.
I taste the flavours of my Mom’s amazing banana bread.
I feel my siblings shooting me with a nerf gun,
even still I feel I feel secure, safe, and comforted.

I see the sun shining bright through our great windows.
I taste my Mom’s terrific crepes, it reminds me that I have a loving family.
I smell my dog’s cute scent, it makes me feel loved by my furry friend.
I touch my dad’s big hug as he warms me up from the cold.
I hear the birds chirping outside our house, it comforts me.
I feel my dog rubbing against me, it makes me feel loved.

I see a nice warm bed waiting for me to lay in it.
I smell the breakfast that my parents are preparing.
I hear my siblings playing, it reminds me that I am not alone.
I taste amazing fresh air.
I touch my siblings soft face before they go to bed.