Grade 5


My Home

My home is the place to be.
It is somewhere I can be whether I’m down, not feeling well or just straight up mad. my home can see all of it. Feel all of it. It watches as I leave out the creaky door, to go shopping or to go to school. When I come back I always go to my room where I rest.
I breathe in, I breathe out, sometimes I can feel the house do it too.
Oh the good times we’ve had, playing games, sitting next to the fire.
Home is like a shield and I’m the person behind it. When it starts to rain home is my umbrella. When it’s cold home is like a jacket where I can slip my arms through the sleeves and zip it up. My Home is the place to be.
Whenever I ride my bike to go somewhere I always come back and when I do I know right where my home is we give each other huge hugs and i step inside protective turtle shell oh how I missed him so much i couldn’t wait to get back home.