Grade 6


My Home

When I’m safe at home I can see friends and family joyfully laughing. I can see cherished memories frozen in time portrayed in pictures covering the smooth walls of my home. I can see food hot out of the oven that I have spent so many hours cooking. In my house you can hear many different kinds of music from any part of the house. You can hear conversations and bursts of laughter happening over a hot meal. When I am in my safe haven I can smell dozens of delicious foods because my family loves to make all kinds of meals. I associate lots of varieties of taste with home. When I think of the tastes that are associated with my home pasta immediately comes to mind. Pasta is a meal my family makes a lot because it is one of those rare foods that my family all likes and all eats together.

When I am at home I feel a sensation of safety because I know that my family will protect me. My family will comfort me when I am sad, mad or scared. I feel like I belong at home because I know my family will not judge me. What I think transforms a house into a home is family. My family encourages each other to spend more time with family because we have lots of wonderful times when we spend time together. In my home when we spend time together you can hear laughs bouncing off the walls. The most important thing about home for me is getting to make memories with my family.

I am writing this because I want everyone to feel what It is like to have a home. The warm and happy feeling of playing with family safely at home.