Grade 6

British Columbia

My Home

My house, cozy and small
Even if it’s not too tall
My house is very good for play
Hope I never have go away.

Just by my house is a basketball court
It’s a good thing cause it’s my favourite sport
In my backyard, a great big trampoline;
Bouncing around feeling like a bean.

My cherry tree, old and sad
I don’t know why it looks so bad
There’s a few bushes here and there
They’re very tall, but I don’t care.

In my home on the dead end street
I walk in to get a bite to eat
On the counter are oranges and an apple
Most are welcome to come in for a sample.

My room, a place just for me
From there I can look at the sea
In my room I like to doodle n’ draw
When I’m done, my sister is in awe.

I have a cat his name is Clyde
He was rescued right from the curb side
He always lays stretched out on my bed
He sleeps almost as if he is dead!!

On the couch, in my favourite spot
I almost think I’m on a private yacht,
I settle down and read my book
And really appreciate my favourite nook.