Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador

My Home

My Home

My home isn’t like anybody else’s home. It’s the place where whenever I feel down, it picks me right back up again. Whenever I’m out there, no one else can bother me. For me, during a game, it’s the most peaceful place I could ever dream of. Its my safe place. My home is a basketball court.

I love the smell of a fresh new ball while pounding off the shiny court. It always makes me feel confident to hit the ball off the backboard and see it fall into the high net. The scent of all my teammates huddled together makes me feel lucky to have all my best friends surrounding me, making me feel safe and joyful.

I see my Dad and my brother sitting up on the bleachers cheering me on while my Mom, the coach, tells me and my teammates what to do. I feel fortunate to have the best family to turn to when I feel miserable and to support me. I love the sight of the basketball travelling straight to my chest with my hands out, ready to catch it. It brings cheer to me because whenever the ball is in my hands, I feel very special and determined.

Everybody has a different feeling of home. It’s a feeling that everybody should have. Anywhere could create a feeling of home, and I get my feeling of home on the basketball court. It doesn’t need to be a big fancy mansion to live in. All that matters is who is in the home and the memories made in it.