Grade 6


My Home

I love snuggling with my family and hanging out with them. I also love watching storms with them. My sister lives 1 hour away from us and we just went there not too long ago and we had quite a blast. They hung a hammock in a room and we played games with her kids like to try and stay on the hammock and we watched shows. And then we had to leave and then the day after I phoned them and my sister said they already miss us. And I liked it when I heard that because that means we get to go over to their house more and also it reminded me of what home meant to me. And I also like going over there because she cooks the best food, and I help her cook with her also.and she likes that I do that. And I like it too, it makes it so I don’t get bored. Other than that I play with her dogs and I started to help train my sister’s new dog and it’s been really coming along.also her dogs are really cute one is tarnished and one is black. And if I get scared or needed help they would comfort me, that’s what home means to me.