Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador

My Home

My Home

My home is something special to me because not all people have a home. Whenever I go inside after a freezing cold day it is like a nice warm blanket wrapping around me. In my home I have my own room so I can go and relax whenever I want to. My home is somewhere I feel safe and comfortable. I love my home just the way it is.

My house is a nice bi,g fancy house and I love it that way, but that isn’t what makes a house a home. What makes my house a home is being happy and having fun.

At home I always taste my dad’s yummy chocolate chip cookies when he makes them. I love them so much they are warm and creamy. They are the best chocolate chip cookies ever. I can smell yummy food when my mom is cooking. I love my home and I would not want to change it.