Grade 6


My Home

A home is something not everyone has and everyone needs one, we as people with nice
houses and beds to sleep in, we take our house for granted whether it’s you don’t have a nice enough computer, you have a house and a family.

My home is my happy place. I have my own special space in my room that my family gave to me. I always thank my family because they give you things that if you had another family you might not have. My home feels like a place that I made for myself, my room, it has all the things I like. From colours of walls to posters of your favourite things, our rooms are designed for us to feel comforted. A home is a residence or an abode where we feel secure and protected. A home is like a character you designed and you are an aspect of that character.

Habitat for Humanity is a charity that gives people homes in the case that they don’t have any and they live on the cold and windy streets. A home to me means a place where you can go when you feel sad or you don’t feel upright. A home is like the feeling of all feelings flowing through the place you start and end your day. Having a home is a privilege and it should be a right, having a family is a privilege and it should be a right! I feel joyful when I am at home and you should too.

We should donate, and write a few words on a page to give our community a home and we should know that we are only helping our community by doing this simple writing piece, we can do this and make a difference.