Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador

My Home

My Home

Home is where I always smell baked chocolate chip muffins and cookies. When I Come home from school, the smell meets me at the door. I see my dogs who meet me at the door and greet me with love
everyday. I feel my dog’s fluffy back and it feels so smooth.

At home I feel safe, happy, and love. When my mom always says, “Good night” it makes me feel loved. Home is my Dad asking me how my day is going. In my home I feel safe because I have animals, family and friends. I feel happy when my cousin comes out to see us.

When my mom is done baking I love tasting her cookies. They are always so good. Her muffins are good too. When I smell them coming out of the oven, I run to the kitchen to get one. Mom always says, “They’re hot” and “ Wait for them to cool”.

I always hear my dogs barking when they hear another dog barking. I always have my mom saying, “Keep the dogs quiet!” I always hear my sister say, “I am going to my friend’s house”.That’s what I can hear in my home. That’s what home means to me.