Grade 6

Nova Scotia

My Home

My home is great. I feel grateful that I live in it. It’s big, safe, warm and it shelters me from the rain and snow. My home means a place where I can spend time with my family and have friends over. A place where I can be myself and have fun. I love my house and it keeps me healthy and comfortable. My house means a safe place where I can have a good night’s sleep. A place where I do my homework and eat homemade food. Where I come home from Wedgewood. My home is where I play board games with my family. Or where I celebrate special days. Where I stay safe from what’s happening in the world or where I email or text my friends. Where I give my family members a call, where I get ready for school. My home gives me ideas for writing, where I play video games or watch TV, where I laugh and smile. I love my home so much.