Grade 6

British Columbia

My Home

My Home
My home is where my family lives and memories created with love and grace
Thoughts drawn and parties had, my house is a safe place
My house is where I sleep and eat
No one deserves to live outside in the cold and freezing streets
Everyone everywhere should get a cozy home

In that home you will make memories with family and friends
It dosent matter what’s there with you it matters who is there
All that matters is that you’re with loved ones and friends in a safe home
Filled with love and joy I hope everyone can live in a house of there very own

A cardboard box is not a house, you need a big one with a cat and mouse
Trust and warmth and good things to eat, that’s what makes a house complete
There are people we have not know with out a house all alone
No lights no doors no food to share
they need to know there’s people who care

if we all just work together
we can help shield them from the weather
rain or sleet, cold or snow
everyone needs a place to go
a home the answer where they feel fine
that’s how I feel when im in mine