Grade 6


My Home

My Home
I love it’s so so nice.
I really like my home because it has a lot of things I love.
I love my home because
It is so nice when I need help.
My mom is always by my side.

I love my home.
It is so nice.
When I wake up I always see the beautiful light shining out the window.
When I wake up I see my mom and then I say good morning mom.
My home is great.
It’s always shining

I hope you get one so divine.
I really like my home because it keeps me safe in my home.
I’ve always liked it the most.
My home is great when it’s dark.

I always get to see the stars shining all around.
It’s always so beautiful
Seeing the moon so bright.
When I go home it is always warm inside.
I go to bed all snuggled in safe and sound.
I’ll always remember this house.
And I hope you get one because you will be very safe.
And that’s why I love my home so so much.