Grade 6


My Home

When I was little my first word was home. For me, home is a place where people love me and make me feel joy and secure. It all began when I said my first word “ home”. My parents were so happy when I sputtered my first word. They told everyone at least 48 times… “Hey! did you hear that Amy said her first word? Guess what it is? HOME! I bet that you would never guess that”. What child says home as their first word so it must have meant something important. My mom and dad said that it did not come as a surprise and home meant so much to them and that meant that it was a big part of my life. Once I was in the hospital to get my tonsils and adenoids out. I was terrified when they put me to sleep they told me to think about home so I did. So when they were done they put me in a hospital bed and about 4 hours later I woke up in a new room and it was in the middle of the night, I burst out into tears I was so scared mom and dad were at home and I wasn’t. Soon after my throat was throbbing and two minutes later I was throwing up blood and that made me terrified. There was this red button I could push for the nurse. The nurse came and comforted me. Next, I went to sleep. My mom and dad came the next day and said that they were so worried and they missed me. When I got home I was in tears when I saw my cat I ran and gave him the biggest hug that I ever have given him. Remember how the doctor said just think about home well it turned out that that it really did help and that home was never a prettier sight.