Grade 4

Victoria, bc
British Columbia

My Home

My Home
By: Betty

When I’m at home I feel secure
I drink from the tap, “My water’s so pure!”
When I see people on the street
I want to give them something to eat
Everyone deserves a house
even if it’s small like a mouse
When I come home after school
I can walk to my local pool
Home is a place where I can dream
And eat a lot of yummy ice cream
I always brush my teeth before I go to sleep
I snuggle in my bed with my stuffy sloth and sheep
My room is the best place to share
I dream I fly up into the air
Home is a place I always want to be
Everything is special even a flea
When I get home all I want to see
Is my parents there to hug me
Everybody Deserves a Home
A place where you are not alone