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My Home

When I go home I love seeing three faces staring at me when I walk into the door. They are my dogs. They are my friends until the end. My dogs’ names are Zeus, Lady and Kayla. They will never change and they’re so cute and fuzzy. Home is a place where I see me in my family relaxing on the couch and sing a song about our family. Our home is a place where I see my love for my family and there is food to eat. Nothing will ever change about the way I feel about my home and my family. My home is a place where dreams come alive. I see people on the roads and they don’t have what I have and what I see about home and that upsets me at times. Homeless people on the streets don’t get the lovely attention and all they get is a box or nothing and it is actually very sad. Every time I see people on the streets I always feel like I want to give them whatever I have in my pockets even if it’s one bag of chips or a can of Coke that has been open. I want to be nice to people on the street because some of them are good and some may look bad, but I think they’re good either way. Some of them are very good people inside and some of them don’t know how much people care about them. Some of them only have tents and that’s lucky compared to people with nothing during the rain and snow. Home means having a warm place to live with my family. I hope homeless people have a beautiful life. I hope they get a warm home and a warm cooked meal inside their tummies. I hope all people have a good life.