Grade 4


My Home

Hey, you over there. Guess what? I don’t have one home, I have two! Well, let me get started at dad’s house. In my dad’s home we have food! Food is my BEST friend. I love it because it is very tasty. My chubby cat lives there and our dog Anna does too! They’re so cute. My dad is my karate teacher! My step bro Denick is super chill. He is not always around much. Louee is sometimes annoying but he is cool. My stepmom is very crafty. She and I are making crayon hearts for the class for valentine’s day! My real brother goes to my dad’s home and back to my mom’s home with me.
Now my mom’s home… so we have my other food to help us survive and be awesome, energetic and happy! Our other cat lives here. Archie is not fat, he is very fluffy! My mom is the one who fills my heart to 100 percent! My brother is the king of playing hover board Hockey. We invented it! 😊 OH, for all the joy we have together in our home!