Ji yun

Grade 4


My Home

Hi, I am going to tell you about my house. First, I am going to tell you that I am going to talk about my Korean house. First, I am going to talk about my living room. We have a heater in the floor. In winter it’s warm in my house. In summer if we turn it on, it would be hot. Once, in winter, we laid on the floor so our bodies got warm. When my brother came from school in winter he was cold so he laid on the floor. He accidentally laid on my leg. My dad came, so he laid on my arm accidentally. They’re so heavy! When my mom came she took a picture because my face was so weird. The next thing is about my tiny pond in my garden. In the pond I had two fish. The two fish’s names were Lily and William. Lily was my fish. The other fish was William because my brother’s name is William so he was named after William. In the summer my brother was feeding the fish and my brother’s fish flew out a little bit. My brother got scared and he dropped the fish food in the pond. The third thing I am going to tell you about is my bunkbed. I have a table under my bed, so it is comfortable. One day I was sleeping, and I fell off my bed. Those are the stories about my house.