Grade 4


My Home

Yay, I am finally home. I said, “Hi”, to my great dad after I got all my funny cats that snuck into my home back outside because my dad is allergic to cats. You’re probably wondering why we have cats. It’s because they hunt the mice around our beautiful house. I went to my awesome bedroom to lay in my comfy bed for a little bit. I thought I was super lucky to have a good home. I went to the kitchen for a nice snack and a drink. I got some chips and some water. I asked my parents if we could watch a movie, we chose The Meg. We got soft blankets and fluffy pillows. My grandparents made the blankets with love. Once we finished the movie, we all got tired and went to our comfy beds and fell asleep in peace. You better not have fallen asleep reading this at your nice peaceful home.