Grade 4


My Home

Hey, do you have a home? If you don’t, I will tell you about my home. My home is the best place on Earth. My bed is really cozy and warm. Downstairs…just gives me the creeps. My dad says, “If you go down there, I will give you 5 bucks!” Ok I love talking about the kitchen. It’s really cool. It just has everything. I bet my kitchen the most cabinets. I bet there are a million. Here comes the best part, the living room. Our living room is glorious. Our living room has so many memories like when my brother and I invented a new game called Catch the Ball. You have to get all the eight ball pool balls. Next, we have to throw them in the snow. Then we find them. We have a coffee table. It has lots of memories too, like when my brother said his very first word on it. We have lots of family pictures. My brother is the cutest person in the world. Our roof is special because my grandpa built it. One of our walls is super colourful. We coloured it red, then blue, and then yellow. I love my home. Its special to me.